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Carole Gannon

I've known Nikki for some years and find her truly genuine and professional. Amongst other things she has treated me for knee and lower back injuries and her skilled therapy, endless encouragement and advice gave me the confidence to recover quickly and get back to normal activity. I highly recommend her.

Nicky Masters

I am completely satisfied with the treatment I have received from Nikki. She is extremely good at her job and very professional when she is treating you. She does a great job and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Kelvin Cooper

Gary Sadler came highly recommended, which I am so gratefull for, with his expert help and treatment along with nutritional advice and gym work not only means I have become much more active but my blood pressure has dropped to normal!

My presenting problem was back-ache and limited movement, but gary diagnosed posture problems (sitting at a hot computer all day) and I can even walk to work now, I would without hesitation recommend Gary and his team.

Linvoy Primus MBE

I've been looked after by Gary for the past 9 years. He's treated and rehabilitated pretty much every part of my body over the years from my head to my toes. I can't thank him enough for his help and support with my career as a professional footballer. May God watch over Gary in his new venture in private practice.

Peter Klepacz

Having played Professional golf for 35 years, in recent years I have been restricted by a back injury which has limited my ability to compete. Over the years I have seen numerous Physiotherapists and other back specialists who have not been able to relieve my symptoms. After seeing Gary and his team I can honestly say that the results have been phenomenal, for the first time in 10 years I am now able to play golf without pain killers and with a full range of movement, which has not only helped me professionally but also improved my standard of life outside of sport. I truly believe that Gary is the best Chartered Physiotherapist out there and I can not thank him enough for what he has done.


Having developed SPD quite early in my pregnancy was not only a physical strain but also an emotional one. I was so glad to have had found Sarah to treat me for this condition. It was necessary to go quite often in the early days to manage my condition, and Sarah listened attentively and treated me accordingly with a professional yet warm approach, and I could feel the results and benefitted ten fold after each session right up until the end of my pregnancy. I'd tried other forms of therapy but it really is worth being in their safe hands, and I look back now and honestly can say that getting through my pregnancy with their help and expertise was priceless!!

Derek Powles

Since 2008 I have gradually increased my training programmes in order to continue to achieve PBs and compete in more demanding Team and Individual events. I have found Tracy Dean's preventative treatment has complimented my training regimes and allowed me to train/compete harder, recover faster and ultimately achieve my desired targets. As a result of my intense training programme I have occasionally suffered from leg and lower back problems. During times of injury Tracy has been an instrumental element of my recovery; providing an honest opinion to the cause of my injury and appropriate course of treatment required. And, when my treatment has been beyond her scope of practice she has referred me to alternative complementary health practitioner i.e. physiotherapist, podiatrist or medical professional. Not only myself but a large number of my friends have come to rely on Tracy's dedicated and professional treatment. Due to her valued experience and trusted advice I can not recommend her highly enough.

Russ Bestley

I have been involved in long distance running for more years than I care to remember, averaging around 50 miles per week and running more than a dozen marathons every year, and in recent years I have stepped up to compete in ultra running events up to 100 miles and beyond. Tracy Dean has been my regular sports massage therapist for over 12 years, and has worked wonders in helping me with muscle maintenance and injury prevention, as well as the occasional need to fix whatever damage I had done to myself in time for the next (usually imminent!) race. I know that without her expert support and treatment I would have been sidelined for some extended periods of time over recent years and would not have made the start line, let alone the finish, of many of the events that I am proud to have completed.


Tracy is the best masseuse I've ever had and will do wonders for your flexibility. I wouldn't be running still without her!

Steve Godwin

I have a chronic hip problem, which has been exacerbated by playing various competitive sports over 40 years. Eventually I will need a replacement, but for the time being I have Sarah Moore, regular treatment from Sarah keeps me moving and able to continue enjoying my sporting activities.


I have trouble finding the discipline required to attend regular exercise classes. Sarah has devised an exercise class, which concentrates on core stability and drills aimed at developing the key muscle groups utilised in the Golf swing. I enjoy the class, which is fun and I am sure my Golf has improved.


I consulted Nikki for recurring rotator cuff injury & damage to calf muscle. She is an extremely talented Therapist, who has immense empathy. She always listens & then adapts a well designed treatment plan to fit the particular injury. Even after one treatment, the condition is greatly improved & at times did not need further treatment. Since consulting Nikki, I have so much more movement & am able to visit gym 6 days a week & use some machines that I had in the past avoided, but now with better strength & movement, I am able to improve my personal best.She is a superb masseur & very knowledgable. Most of all Nikki is an extremely likeable, kind person, with a lovely persona.